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Discipline, morality, and never give up our principles to fulfill the promise, and you better with each passing day increases the number of customers, aims to establish an easy communication.
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>> Our Vision
Innovation, quality and service delivery in terms of construction machinery sector in Turkey is to become the best attachment and machine manufacturing company.
>> Our Mission
Based on customer satisfaction, end user-focused emphasis on happiness, discipline, morals and principles to fulfill the promise vazgeçmemektir in no time. Modern management techniques and developing technology to continuously follow the industry's leading sector, to offer customers world-class quality and complete service.
>> Quality Policy
MACHINE Karke as our customers' wishes, expectations, what we described in the company under the guarantee of the quality assurance system, the first time and every time you meet, the quality of all the technological and human resources to achieve continuous improvement is committed to providing.
>> Principles and Values
- Human life is the most important value for us.
- Outstanding service concept to provide customers with the highest added value.
- Always the best we can aspire to.
- We are open to new experiences.
- Of our country to love our nation, the individual has passed, we believe in producing efficient and high quality goods and services.
- Information and scientific thinking, we'll edema.
- Responsible for the future of our country.
- The team ahead of team work and giving, instead of I we use the concept of success, we believe yakalanacağına together.
- Continuing to improve business results in efficient and innovative.
- We'll be there as long as we produce our inançlıyız Turkey.
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